Piauhy Labs Portugal receives INFARMED pre-licence

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January 4, 2019
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May 17, 2021

Piauhy Labs Portugal receives approval from the Portuguese regulatory agency for its medicinal cannabis project

Lisbon, Portugal, September 16th. According to Eduardo Sampaio, CEO and founder of the company: “We are very happy with this important milestone and the ratification of our project, a project based on three pillars: scientific dedication, focus on the patient and adherence to the best practices in the pharmaceutical industry”. According to Sampaio: “We believe in science. We have a solid scientific conviction that medicinal products derived from these plants effectively help the treatment of a large number of diseases. It is a belief supported by a large, relevant, and growing number of scientific studies that justify the use of phytocannabic products for an equally growing number of diseases. We are very clear about our objective: bring phytocannabic products to patients, produced within the highest quality standards and at affordable prices. We have as a commitment and starting point to execute all stages of development of this project in full compliance with the regulatory frameworks and the legislation in force ”.
Eduardo Sampaio has accumulated several years of success and experience in this segment. About five years ago, he started the first medical cannabis company in Uruguay with other partners and he subsequently developed an online marketplace for hemp food products in Australia. According to Sampaio, the success of Piauhy Labs is intrinsically linked to the scientific research he intends to start later this year in Portugal in partnership with local universities and scientific partners in Brazil and California.
“We are building a pharmaceutical company. This is not an agricultural project, but a real pharmaceutical company - and this is only possible with attention and dedication to research and development ”says Sampaio. "This is one of the main differentials of the Piauhy Labs project in relation to other companies".
“We already have a pipeline of experiments and product development that we will start in the coming weeks. We chose three diseases for our first research: epilepsy, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and Alzheimer's. The first two lead applications for the use of medical cannabis in several countries such as Brazil, while the third is the one with the greatest potential for innovation”.
In parallel to its research, Piauhy Labs will start the construction of its high-end factory capable of micropropagation of mother plants, indoor cultivation with LED lamps, and extraction with supercritical carbon dioxide. According to Sampaio, these choices are justified: “All the techniques that we are going to use in our factory represent the cutting edge processes of the medical cannabis industry. With that, we will achieve a differentiated product with more quality and scientific rigor”.