To our potential investors

Invest on the Medical Cannabis of the future

We are building a successful multinational cannabis company, currently focused on medicinal cannabis products only. The next phase of our expansion is the launch of our operations in Portugal to serve the European market.

What distinguish us
We believe in science, a science-based belief that medicinal products derived from these plants effectively aid in the treatment of a large number of diseases. Belief supported by a large, relevant and growing number of scientific studies justifying the use of phytocannabis products for an equally increasing number of diseases.

We are very clear about our objective, to bring to patients phytocannabis products produced under the highest quality standards and at affordable prices. We will also carry out all stages of development of this project in full compliance with regulatory frameworks and legislation.

We guide our work based on three Fs:
Faith in the science that supports the efficacy of cannabis derived products for medical and other applications.
Focus on using the best processes to develop the best products.
Force to strive in the pursuit of our goals and clear understanding that we must manage the business profitably to be able to expand it and to compensate our shareholders.
We are confident that we will achieve it.

If you would like to schedule a private call and discuss how to become involved with our project I can be reached in the form below or on my number.

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