Piauhy Team

A science based and precision driven enterprise, researching phyto-based resources, found to generate permanent and positive change to the patients, and their families, suffering from a myriad of conditions that can be relieved and treated with natural products such as those derived from the cannabis plants.

Tomás García Navarro

General Counsel

Master in Company Legal Advice & Coach Master. President of the Healthcare & life Sciences Commission in AIJA, international Association of Young Lawyers

Joaquim Gomes

Security Director

Joaquim Gomes is a Colonel (Ret.) from GNR (Portuguese Gendarmerie) after more than 3 decades of duty. He has a degree in International Relations and a postgraduate degree in Civil Crisis Management and another one in Security Management.

Antônio Fortes

Investment Advisor

Hedge fund portfolio manager with a PhD in neurosciences

Raphael Pinaud

Scientific Advisor

Investment banker with a PhD in molecular biology

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