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About us

Pioneering Research for Personalized Cannabinoid Medications for Neurological Conditions

At Piauhy Labs, we research biotechnology, neuroscience, and medicinal cannabis to develop EU GMP Pharma grade products for effective treatment.

Our values

Our Core Values



Commitment to accuracy and attention to detail in every personalized medicine development.



Constantly pushing boundaries through cutting-edge research and technology for optimal patient care.


Quality Care

Ensuring the highest standards of care and service in personalized disease treatment.

Empower Your Health with

Personalized Cannabinoid Solutions
for Better Living

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Piauhy Labs?

Our unparalleled commitment to pioneering research and patient-centric personalized medicine sets us apart.

Research into Neurological conditions

We are focused on neurological diseases that can be treated via the endocannabinoid system such as Autism (ASD) and epilepsy.

Clinical Excellence

Building a EU GMP Pharma grade plant in Portugal.

Patient-Centric Approach

Focused on developing patient outcomes through a compassionate and individualized treatment journey.

In the press

Piauhy Labs is listed in the “Early Stage Startups”, in the Cannabis therapeutics sector.

– Sifted, (Financial Times)

Piauhy, empresa de cannabis nascida no Brasil, planeja investir US$ 5 milhões em Portugal

– Sechat Brazil

Piauhy Labs to open cannabis research centre in Portugal 

– Business of Cannabis

Excellence in medicinal cannabis
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